Saturday, August 13, 2011


SIGGRAPH 2011 Louis Marcoux Demo 3ds Max Creation Suite + Smoke

This is fast and furious, but gives a good sense of workflow using the 2012 versions of 3ds Max, Mudbox, Motion Builder, Smoke, and Kinect to produce in a finished post-production shot.


Kinect Demo from SIGGRAPH

Kinect is effecting movie and game scene production.  Here's a workflow for machinima.  


Autodesk Photofly demo


The Autodesk Channel on YouTube -- Subscribe

In addition to The Area, Autodesk posts many of its demos as videos on YouTube, through the Autodesk Channel.  I recommend you subscribe to follow what they post.  New features in the Autodesk line generally come from customer request or invention.  Their videos give you a window into what's  current, where the industry is and what they expect.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


Yale Architecture Students Dig Into Autodesk Mudbox

Using digital fabrication or rapid prototyping with Mudbox,  Architects are fabricating unique, complex and specialized facades and ornamentation.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Welcome to MMST 124 & 125, Fall 2011

Welcome to MMST 124 (& 125), 3D Fundamentals (& Intermediate)-- Modeling, Texturing, and Animation. This is a lot to swallow in 16 weeks. The syllabi for MMST 124 and MMST 125 are posted on your class page on MyCOM and on my site, at This class requires no specific text, but I have recommended texts available on my site. I also recommend you check the training tab on my site for 3DS Max/general 3D links, downloads and resources.

Autodesk has extensive resources and material on The Area, including written and video tutorials, support discussions, etc., which everyone is expected to join and look to for additional techniques and industry information. Equally, Autodesk offers 3DS Max 2012 and about 30 other products free for students through its Education Community site -- you are expected to register, download and install 3DS Max 2012 to use during the semester.  Also follow the Autodesk Media & Entertainment portal on Facebook or the Autodesk Channel on YouTube.

We will use this blog in connection with the College's MyCOM portal. These will be our links to each other between classes -- MyCOM is a place to post work in progress, links, questions, news items, events, etc. It's also a good way to email me and members of the class.

All of you are expected to check this at least weekly. Good luck!

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