Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Designing, Visualizing and Creating with Mudbox

While Mudbox has roots in the film and gaming community, it's also found acceptance in the Design/Viz area as well.  These presentations provide examples and ideas of how you might make use of this tool.


Mothhead's New Game Art Running in Unity 3D

Mothhead's New Game Art Running in Unity 3D


Autodesk's Building Information Management initiative

Here's what it's about

The role of BIM in Building Shanghai's the Spirit of the City

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Autodesk 3ds Max Unwrap Tutorials


AREA | Substances in 3ds Max 2011 - with Louis Marcoux & Gary Davis


3ds Master Class: Insider Tips and Tricks for Creating Game Environment Assets - Sandra Tournemille

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


3ds Max 2013 Webinar: Casual Games + Extension Release

 Recently Louis Marcoux, one of the best Max presenters I've ever seen, showed a re-cap of the Siggraph 2012 presentation on the workflow for 3ds Max 2013 in casual games.  In particular, he covered importing an Illustrator file, converting it to a 3d character, texturing, rigging, and animating it using the CAT system, integrating it with Mass Fx and Particle Flow, and exporting everything into Unity 3D to be made into a game.  Simple, clear, concise -- enjoy:

 Banner image Banner image

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