Friday, May 17, 2013


OTOY and Mozilla unveil new HTML5/Javascript solution to deliver applcations across multiple machines

These videos demonstrate a new solution for distributing applications, movies and gaming interaction across multiple machines/devices from another machine or cloud.  Here, 3ds max is being run from one computer on another -- note this is not simple mirroring.  Here is OTOY's PDF


Tutorial: Animating with Controllers - Chris Murray

If you can automate some animation, you're left with more time to key frame character, originality, and nuance.  Controllers and constrains are tools in 3ds max that enable you to wire things together so that animating one element drives others.  This can apply to mechanical animations, or creation of new interface sliders which themselves can be keyframed.  Chris Murray just posted this 1 hr video covering a range of techniques.  These tools have been around a long time, but I find a lot of folks under utilize them

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


The Open Subdiv Project -- Pixar Webinar.

Open Subdiv is a project by Autodesk and Pixar to create an industry standard for generating subdivision surfaces across several platform.  Subdivision surfaces appeared during the 1990's in polygonal modeling as a way to generate curvature similar to what was being generated using patch or NURBS surfaces (i.e. polygons don't bend, but can be cut up to give the look of a curve..  This works by tessellating only parts of a surface where, when and as much as necessary to accomodate the appearance of a smooth curve.  More than a decade later, there is no standard for how to accomplish this.  This 40+ minute webinar discusses the approach and the goal of creating this standard.


How to Rig the Luxo Jr. Lamp in 3ds Max By Shawn Hendriks

This video not only shows how to make an IK rig for a mechanical character, it demonstrates the importance and operation of Orientation and Position constraints in 3ds max.

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