Tuesday, March 13, 2012


3D-nanoprinting speed record set by Vienna University

3D Nano Printing Record

A new world speed record for the fastest 3D-printed nano-objects has been claimed by researchers in Austria.  The team is able to create sculptures as small as a grain of sand in a fraction of the time than had previously been required.

To demonstrate the process the group created a model of a Formula 1 racing car 0.285mm (0.011in) in length in just over four minutes.  The scientists said the technique could be used to make small biomedical parts.  To produce the car about 100 layers, each consisting of 200 single printed lines, were created by Vienna University of Technology's equipment.

"The technology itself is quite well known in the science arena, but the problem was that it was always extremely slow," Prof Jurgen Stampfl told the BBC.  "It was good as a showcase, but for real world applications it was much too time-consuming. Making complex large 3D structures would take hours or even days.  "Using our set-up and materials, we can speed that up by a factor of 500 or in some cases 1,000 times."

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