Monday, April 16, 2012


Autodesk GDC 2012 Show Reel


Retopologize Scan data in Mudbox 2012


Autodesk NAB 2012 Show Reel


Autodesk 2013 Products debut at NAB 2012

NAB 2012 is taking place in Las Vegas this week.  Autodesk is streaming its demos from its booth, and archiving the videos for all.  3ds Max 2012 includes enhanced interoperability with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, among other goodies.

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3ds Max 2012 Hair updated

The Hair features in 3ds Max 2012 have been updated to allow in-viewport styling (no more separate window interface)  and also adding support for all types of lights (not just Hair lights as in the past)


3D Animation in web graphics

From the Autodesk "Learn from master storytellers".  Cyberduck's use of 3ds Max


Using 3ds Max with Motion Graphics

From Autodesk's "Learn from master storytellers", using 3ds Max in design, and integrating it with live action


How Saatchi & Saatchi LA Uses 3D

From Autodesk "Learn from master storytellers" series

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